i was new
until you found me
enchanted me
and soon began
spinning your webs
around my heart
tiny tangles of magic yarn
in neverbefore touched
simple nooks
once done
you tied them all in sync
and said you’d pull me
through the world
until we reached
a charmed end

i once saw my heart like that
in some shards of a broken glass
that’s when I saw the webs
that made my heart look
like an old tart
i liked it that way
it seemed lived in
it seemed possessed

and then one day
a spider’s way
you thought
you needed a new heart
so you left mine alone
to rot
and rot it did
without your fresh articrafts

before rotting
it bled a lot
the blood
i collected
in a brave mug
and brewed it into
furtive love
all consuming
tainted love
with it I painted solitude
with bold strokes
like I was taught
by you once
and before I knew it
another spider came along
and soon began
to spin his webs …


Anonymous said...

teach me how to say beautiful in spanish :)

sacredeastwind said...

bello o bueno, que bueno! :) x

Prasenjit Choudhury said...

Interesting...along came a spider...and disturbed lil miss muffet. The idea of a web, entanglement and ultimately squeezing out blood is a lil different.

sacredeastwind said...

haha i'm feeling a bit dark these days i guess :)

Remya said...


Saibal Barman said...

Those waves of emotions that have risen of tempestuous assaults of love, severance, indifference and finally betrayal are natural to crush upon silent shore of the poet’s soul…..yet, I dared to hope for an unperturbed solitude…..And, through webs of words so elegantly spun around the core of love had eventually consecrated all into an idyllic self where promises of trust will endlessly flourish….
Excellent literary flair in complementing a rich flow of thoughts !
Barman S

sacredeastwind said...

Dear Barman ... beautifully said :)

Nish said...

U have a flair for writing too...Amazing one Shruti