hush now, my heart ...

hush now, my heart
don’t stop
its time to keep moving on
you can see
the world
in its beauty, its splendour
keep moving on
don’t stop just now
keep moving on …

oh my severed heart
i know
i have caused you harm
you are not
what you
were once, may never be
but just try
give me one more chance, you’re my all
keep moving on …

summer’s gone, winter’s come
you are
now afraid of the journey long
you know that
you are
not alone, just hold my hand
and keep moving on
we will be each other’s heart song
and we’ll get along …

oh my lonely heart
why despair
you’ve always known you were broken
so give me
give me one last push, i’m with you
and together we will
make this
journey, once and for all, so
keep moving on

hush now, don’t stop
i know
you are feeling weak and frail
but just look
look all around you, and
tell me truly
don’t you wish
to keep moving on
and never stop …


lost boy

his eyes were always hollow

had red shadows all around them

i thought him tired from work

followed him everywhere, saying ‘my love’!

sometimes he showed signs of life

others he was caught in the abyss inside

i thought him consumed with love

maybe calling the verb ‘assuming’ a virtue isn’t proper.

i could lose myself in the worlds

that my lost boy revivified in his eyes

travel to destinations unkind

i could simply say he put me out of my mind.

it took me months if not years

to understand that my boy was actually weird

and the worlds I found inside his eyes

were actually dreams ricocheted from mine …


beautiful girl ...

From door way to door way
Street corner to corner
With neon ghosts in the city
And she sings

Stay with me
Stay with me

hush now, don't explain

Hush now, don’t explain;
There ain’t nothing to gain.
Well, I’m glad you’re back,
But don’t explain.

i spy with my dodgy eye


may be next time ...

oh maye next time
you'll be Henry VIII
wake up tomorrow
and dawn to the great

open your eyes
and a new life will begin
oh maybe next you'll begin with a chance

hush hush hush

hush hush hush

p cole


la dolce principessa

she walked along the fields everyday
scenting the earth with her goodness
vines of joy sprung out when she came
and lone reeds inched forward, amazed

colours unfurled from the flowers
new buds tugged away from their shoots
with butterflies they made bridges & rainbows
through which she gently made her way

her almond eyes were big and green
her hair ginger, with it the wind played
her voice like drip drop of icicles
she spread songs of laughter, everywhere

one day she couldn’t visit the fields
in her wait the clouds and skies turned grey
as they wept the flowers, the buds,
the butterflies, the earth, all began to wail

even today in her kingdom of Goldbury,
the earth, the skies, all for her wait,
but never ever since that ill-fated day,
has la dolce principessa returned their way …


a passing lure ...

sparkling leaves in my sky tonight like dancing fireflies
inviting me to a world empyreal, with seductive eyes
and i wonder if i can find it in my heart
to leave my place beside this pyre
that burns my soul everyday
with memories of that repugnant day

the pyre thinks we're insperable
like a glutton it feeds off of me
while my flesh remains unimpaired today
my soul is losing its personage

i should just take a leap of faith
release the hold this precinct lays
on each of my soul's living days
oh! but look at the leaves drifting away

oh! wind envious you couldn't remain
passive to the lure the leaves had made
now i remember you blew the same way
in memories of that repugnant day


tonight you are my chrysalis

when my mind is so full of listless words
and when my eyes cannot find their way to sleep
the world around still inducing lack of silence
i close my eyes and think of you

you come away and take me by my hand
infusing me with your passive love you give me
every calming thought and every loving touch
you are my chrysalis

in your eyes i can see the sea in mine
your skin feels like the lullaby i long to hear
as you tie every string from your heart to mine
silence falls on an ebbing tide

losing sight of the listless words in my mind,
slipping off to a world away from mine,
cradled in your arms and peaceful as syne,
i close my eyes tonight ...


for you ...

this glass world,
that i have created,
my four walls,
i'm privately jaded,
as i turn,
round and round,
reflections follow,
at monstrous paces ...


what can you find in loneliness?
an empty heart, a still mind?
and then if you tried closing your eyes?
if you feel the fear, you're still alive ...

what can you find in an empty life?
a lonely hand, an unslept side?
and then if you tried to brace yourself?
a shrieking tide, you're still alive ...


bee bitten - bad lyric wrath

i don't see
any purpose
in privacy

on my knees
eclipsed from
world's scrutiny

blinded bee
she still stung me

pain is me
cadence on the drums
on three

tell me bee
blinded, how did you
see me

you crouched
aiming sordidly

you breached
my secrecy

pain is me
leave your flute &
just rescue me

promise me
dear fate you'll
bring her to me

on her knees
she'll beg
for my mercy

i won't be
patient to her

i won't beat
will subject her
to cacophony

blinded bee
she will lose
the battle to me

learn from me
the meaning
of enemity

i won't budge
won't let her
deride my grudge

she will see
the queen in me ...