la dolce principessa

she walked along the fields everyday
scenting the earth with her goodness
vines of joy sprung out when she came
and lone reeds inched forward, amazed

colours unfurled from the flowers
new buds tugged away from their shoots
with butterflies they made bridges & rainbows
through which she gently made her way

her almond eyes were big and green
her hair ginger, with it the wind played
her voice like drip drop of icicles
she spread songs of laughter, everywhere

one day she couldn’t visit the fields
in her wait the clouds and skies turned grey
as they wept the flowers, the buds,
the butterflies, the earth, all began to wail

even today in her kingdom of Goldbury,
the earth, the skies, all for her wait,
but never ever since that ill-fated day,
has la dolce principessa returned their way …


solitary reaper said...

I could walk along touching each flower, tiptoeing behind butterflies under the canopied blue sky to stop at the grey with longing for next sunny day in her presence…

sacredeastwind said...

awwww ch'mma. what you said is beautiful ...