tonight you are my chrysalis

when my mind is so full of listless words
and when my eyes cannot find their way to sleep
the world around still inducing lack of silence
i close my eyes and think of you

you come away and take me by my hand
infusing me with your passive love you give me
every calming thought and every loving touch
you are my chrysalis

in your eyes i can see the sea in mine
your skin feels like the lullaby i long to hear
as you tie every string from your heart to mine
silence falls on an ebbing tide

losing sight of the listless words in my mind,
slipping off to a world away from mine,
cradled in your arms and peaceful as syne,
i close my eyes tonight ...


solitary reaper said...

has come out well maaaa...sometimes silence alone can comment... n my silence is very locquacious abt ur poems...

sacredeastwind said...

:) at the risk of immodesty it is a piece close to my heart...

Gyanban said...

First time here and thoroughly enjoyed reading your poem.

sacredeastwind said...

Very happy that you liked it :)

Good to see you here. Really like the feel of your blog. Will keep coming back for thorough reading ... :)

Zave said...

Elegant and beautiful.
Loved it.

sacredeastwind said...

Thanks Zave, :)

Really like your name!