a passing lure ...

sparkling leaves in my sky tonight like dancing fireflies
inviting me to a world empyreal, with seductive eyes
and i wonder if i can find it in my heart
to leave my place beside this pyre
that burns my soul everyday
with memories of that repugnant day

the pyre thinks we're insperable
like a glutton it feeds off of me
while my flesh remains unimpaired today
my soul is losing its personage

i should just take a leap of faith
release the hold this precinct lays
on each of my soul's living days
oh! but look at the leaves drifting away

oh! wind envious you couldn't remain
passive to the lure the leaves had made
now i remember you blew the same way
in memories of that repugnant day


solitary reaper said...

once a day i make a journey thru this poem n each time i felt something is missing as a thread... or may b cuz of my blurred vision...
wot do u think, mm? :)
why no new entries? busy?

sacredeastwind said...

no you're right ch'mma ... i think i wasn't willing to explore more :)

your vision is perfect :)

slightly busy. just finishing a project ...