the good word

It is natural to be outraged by an event like the Mumbai Terror Attack but only to a limit. Delhi loves Mumbai and Mumbai loves Delhi. I don't understand the need to prove it today. People who love Mumbai have and will do so. No one is going to start loving Mumbai afresh because 200 + people died there, irrelevant of the fact whether they died in a posh hotel or a religious sanctuary.

I feel the citizenry of India isn't reacting appropriately because the noise and outrage is a waste of useful energy. If you want a change, why not be the change. A PIL, filed by Society For India Law Firms, has asked for implementation of reforms in the police and administration - that's suggestive change, constructive at that.

The NEED of the hour is 'to be wise'. Don't let the media pull your strings to such an extent. Sieve the information that you recieve from them. Use your discretion. Media is a profitable business and a very opinionated one at that, most of the times. However, it is from this very body that you will get 'the good' information as well.

Thanks to Mr. Prem Shankar Jha, who I just heard on NDTV 24 x 7 in an interview. According to Mr. Jha 'The secy of State (US) did NOT visit India to tell Pakistan to cooperate in the Mumbai Terror Attack Investigation and be transparent in doing so. She would have gone to Pakistan if that was the case. She came to India to tell the government to be patient in our expectations from Pakistan'.

According to Mr. Jha 'The Mumbai Terror Attack has in a way been an effort on the part of terrorist groups to divert attention from the Western Front, which is a problem area for them. This inadvertent political turmoil that India and Pakistan have entangled themselves in, in the week after 26/11, with certain individuals hinting towards a 'required' attack on Pakistan in response to 26/11 - is exactly what terrorist groups had hoped to achieve' and will be doing so if our outrages isn't reigned.

The need of the hour is a) damage control and b) tightening of reigns in order to secure the Indian territory and please waste less time on swapping of political reins from one hand to another, right now isn't the time.