hush now, my heart ...

hush now, my heart
don’t stop
its time to keep moving on
you can see
the world
in its beauty, its splendour
keep moving on
don’t stop just now
keep moving on …

oh my severed heart
i know
i have caused you harm
you are not
what you
were once, may never be
but just try
give me one more chance, you’re my all
keep moving on …

summer’s gone, winter’s come
you are
now afraid of the journey long
you know that
you are
not alone, just hold my hand
and keep moving on
we will be each other’s heart song
and we’ll get along …

oh my lonely heart
why despair
you’ve always known you were broken
so give me
give me one last push, i’m with you
and together we will
make this
journey, once and for all, so
keep moving on

hush now, don’t stop
i know
you are feeling weak and frail
but just look
look all around you, and
tell me truly
don’t you wish
to keep moving on
and never stop …


Remya said...

that's beautiful!! :)

sacredeastwind said...

ehehe! thanks reshmi :)