I am having one of those weeks wherein there's so much activity inside your head that every small artery of your brain (are there arteries in the brain? whatever!) starts hurting. You're constantly in hyper-mode best emulated by the happy tree hugging, hopped up on sugar emoticons, the once-cool yahoo had on chat ... i feel like sitting with a jar of nutella and a spoon right next to my computer all day isn't helping the situation. How can that be? 

Slowly as the Dave Mathew's Band's unicornian song 'You and Me' is replaced by the soundtrack of Pyscho in my head I'm beginning to feel that nutella is (this post isn't for those who don't know what nutella is) a globalization-al evil? Blimey! Can't blame poor gooey chocolate hell for everything. It could be the computer ... I have to use it for work everyday but, but ... there's so much more to do. There are important things to be taken care of ...like Facebook and Twitter and this blog ... and ... but today just seems specially stressfully (notice the sick {which now means cool} alliteration) ... what's this Buzz in my head? 


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