And she can smoke, with her hooves, and everything.

Dialogue from the film 'Before Sunrise'

Fatman: It's a play about a cow, and an Indian searching for it. There are also in it politicians, Mexicans... Skinny: Russians, Communists. 
Fatman: Russians.
Jesse: So, you have a real cow on stage. 
Skinny: No, not a real cow. Its an actor in a cow costume. 
Fatman: (Indicating Skinny) And he's the cow. 
Skinny: Yes, I am the cow. And the cow is a bit weird. 
Fatman: The cow has a disease. 
Skinny: She's acting a bit strange, like a dog. If someone throws a stick, she fetches it, and brings it back. And she can smoke, with her hooves, and everything. 
Céline: Great. 

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