With your deep, deep eyes
And your childish smile
You make me laugh the warmest laugh
Each time you touch my heart

And you
With your wild, wild ways
You have got me ensnared
You make me smile the biggest smile
From somewhere deep inside

And you
I didn't think it would be this simple
I never could have dreamt of all of this
And now that I have it all, within reach
I worry that it might go... away



mekkanikal said...

Wait. Can I pull your leg on this one now? Kaun hai? :)

sacredeastwind said...

No one man. This was another one of my random forced attempts to write! :P

Latika Mishra said...

hey Shruti I too have a post on the similar note please check and u don't read or don't comment make sure to drop a line for me... when you are there okie :) you have got your "you" or what I'm waiting for mine ;) :)

ShadowKing said...

Forced ? I dont think u need to be forced to write ... :P

sacredeastwind said...

Where have you been Shadow?