Oh, she's only 17!

I had posted this photo somewhere else a little while back. At that point of time I was listening to the Kings of Leon album 'Only by the Night' on repeat... and for some reason when it came to naming the photo I could only think of 'Oh, she's only 17' from the track '17' on the album.

Someone did question the name and said, 'Why, why, why?' and I kept thinking 'why can't you leave the poor title alone'.

Newho, if you can come up with another title for the picture, I'd be happy to hear it ;)



Joel said...

Nice pic. You into photography?

sacredeastwind said...

Thanks Joel :) I try! You into photography too?

Prateek said...

Please get that Dslr, it'll be a crime if you don't get one soon!

Love the Sky and the detail in the trees.

sacredeastwind said...

Thanks Muchos Prateek. Bass finally done obsessing with clothes shopping... hopefully will save some money for a camera now ;) Eeeeks! Can't help it :P