an ode ... or not !

here's an ode
to some good weather
to this unproductive stage
to the numbness
to the things that don't scare me, when they should
to other things that scare me, when they shouldn't
to love
to laughter
to pain
to desire
to waiting in vain
to all that jazz
and everything else under the sun

come back...



Prateek Shujanya said...

I love^10 this photo! So serene and yet so tumultuous.

sacredeastwind said...

Thankee PS. You're so good with keeping up with blogs! I forget :P

JD said...

My first time here..
Liked the little words twinged together...
Cheers LIFE

sacredeastwind said...

Aww! Thanks JD. Welcome to my blog :)

Aeshna said...
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Aeshna said...

I LOVE this ode!
So prettily worded.

Tres magnifique!

sacredeastwind said...

Awww Aesh, I love it that you love it. Love it that you still manage to frequent my blog despite manic schedules. Love, always.