wobbly bridge from tate modern

London town
My heart is falling down
Will it break on the ground
For you
I'm in love in London town



Prateek Shujanya said...

Ai hai ;) lovely photograph!

sacredeastwind said...

hahaha thankee PS.

Purba said...

You should put up some pics of exhibits inside Tate Modern.

I stood, I stared, I scratched my head and mumbled...Gosh! is this Art!!

sacredeastwind said...

Hey Purba,

Should've, Would've... but one isn't allowed to take photos of the main exhibits, which is probably why I don't have any photos from there in my folders.

But some of the "art" was a bit confuzzling, which is why I ended up buying a book from the museum shop called 'Art Theory for Beginners' ... this was last year, still haven't started reading the book :P

Rajendra Raikwar said...

beautiful picture