This Dance

This Dance
Is for you

Your symphony, my ecstasy
Since that day in the rain
I can taste this dance
Can you?
Will you care if I made you the father, the maker
Of this thing that I can taste in my mouth, my being
My blood flows—to this dance
I’m writing this down on blank paper
Like never before
No words, no lines
Just you and me
And this dance
Do you care?

Your image
Puts me in a trance
And I ascend
Like I’m possessed
There’s a demon
In me, of you
And I hang
By a thread
For I don’t know if you like this dance

Its cabaret, its contra-dance
Its sensual, its personal
Listen to my beating heart
It swollen and overfull
And it’s moving only and only
To the beat of this dance

Can this be true?
I can smell you
Your eyes
They’re innervating me, drugging me
With the thrill, the rapture
Of this dance

Will you dance with me?



Aeshna said...


He better be liking that dance if it makes you write like this!

Addy said...

...and she's back! Thank gawd!
I thought you forgot, you had a blog!
Good to have you back!
Beautiful poem! I like the use of words.

sacredeastwind said...

Wow Aesh, thanks! You know your opinion means a lot to me. :D I hope he does too!

Addy - hey! hey! Dude how can I forget the blog, and you guys :D Glad you liked the poem. Hope you're doing good! Cheers!

Dr Roshan R said...

a very sweet poem.. really loved it..keep up the good work

ShadowKing said...

After reading the poem... you are sure to a 'YES' to the que. in last line ! Lolz

Nice Poem !

sacredeastwind said...

Thank You Dr R! :D

Shadow King - funny guy yeah? thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

i love u baby .. Sim

Anonymous said...

A really sensuous poem :)

Anonymous said...

Be Funny... But dont make them laugh.. Be specific, but not memorable....Make them like you...but forget once you leave.... Its not an easy task to stay in the shadows...

Anonymous said...

Great Poem... Lucky guy whoever this is addressed to..

sacredeastwind said...

Thanks Sury :)

Anonymous 1: I don't think I understand what you're trying to say.

Anonymous 2: Thanks! Unfortunately I just found out that the guy does not want to dance :(

ShadowKing said...

@Anonymous2 : I guess luck only favors the intelligent...Looks like her guy isn't .... :P
Not wanting to dance with a girl with such a poetic heart isn't fair...

@Sacredeastwind : Technically...Shouldnt Anonymous2 be Anonymous3 ?

For all those anonymous guys/gals... choose a handle... it becomes easier to address... :)


sacredeastwind said...

Haha ShadowKing, I'm having a fabulous day after weeks, having been down becuase 'he's just not that into me!!!'... And, you just made my day more wonderful. Thank you, whoever you are. :)

ShadowKing said...

Ur Welcome....Dont mention it... Actually after having read your blog, even I got 'inspired' to start my own.... After 5 mins .. got back to reality...Me not a writer... ;)

ShadowKing said...

Btw, Do you use G-Talk ?

sacredeastwind said...

I am on Gtalk but I usually stay offline since I don't manage work and chat at the same time, well enough. But my email add is in one of the right hand column of this page. You can always leave a message on gtalk and I will get back ... :)

Rajendra Raikwar said...

nice one