Unleashing AJ

AJ is a writer, filmmaker, actor, singer, a good boy, blah blah blah. he is also my best mate. and this is the best of him!

2006-07 Kerala.

"Albert Camus died on 4 January 1960 in a car accident near Sens, in a place named "Le Grand Fossard" in the small town of Villeblevin. In his coat pocket lay an unused train ticket. It is possible that he had planned to travel by train, but decided to go by car instead.
The driver of the Facel Vega car, Michel Gallimard — his publisher and close friend — was also killed in the accident."

AJ and I, were travelling through North Kerala on January 4 2007. AJ is heavily influenced by Camus' works. We were supposed to take the train but at the 11th hour decided to drive ... that too an old omni-van with questionable working conditions of the breaks. We didn't die!

This is his analogy!


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