Blue Eyed Lover ... by 'She'

my blue eyed lover,
follows my every move,
every step, every day

we stand at a distance,
pretend we're looking at others,
and i follow him, following me

sometimes he walks past me,
looking me straight in the eye,
scared, i turn my face away

we are not really lovers,
i don't know his name,
and he doesn't know mine

we cannot be lovers,
we have different lives,
his worse than mine

but i dream of a life,
where i could be his,
and he could be mine.

my blue eyed lover,
follows me everywhere,
not in person, in essence

i tell him everything,
of the failures of my past,
of the hopes for my future

he watches me cook,
he talks me through chores,
he reads me rhymes

but we're not really lovers,
he doesn't sleep in my bed,
he doesn't hold me tight

we cannot be lovers,
he lives across town,

and I cannot go that side

but i dream of a life,
where i could be his,
and he could be mine

my blue eyed lover,

today he caught my eye,

and held a stare

he heard my heart contract,

my throat parched dry,

my mind, my body abuzz

he gave me pain,

through a thread tied,

from his heart to mine

we’re not really lovers,

said his eyes, to me,

we never will be

we cannot be lovers,

with this thread, don’t tug at my heart,

i am breaking it today

can I now not dream of a life,

where I could be his,

and he could be mine?



solitary reaper said...

what a lovely love, my chweettaaart. memory lives much longer than the love itself... and we live that lov more through its memory than when it really happened..
beautiful lov song if i can shut myself off that bleeding interlocks.

sacredeastwind said...

:) i am glad you like it. it is quickly becoming one of my favourites too! ;0)