Looking for a miracle

... have you ever had one of those days when you're in desperate need for a miracle, a sign to declare that fairness exists, that light exists at the end of the dark tunnel, that you will get a fair share of mellow after much turmoil ... and you don't receieve it ... but instead you are thrown an unwanted gift - some more sadness, grief, heartburn ... and you begin to feel as low as you can possibly ... and nothing else matters except the buzzing in your head, your mind, your heart, and every other inch of your body?

in hindsight it seems like a small speck of bad timing and you wonder why you felt as bad as you did. you can't seem to understand why you let things get to you so much, why you worry so unnecessarily.

but at that point, in that moment, when all sadness finds an epicentre in your heart and sends out chills enough for your body to remain cold for an eternity ... you don't think your reaction reeks of triviality ...

what is the antidote for such venom?


Remya said...

what could be the antidote for such a venom? yes... i have had that feeling and have felt that it would never pass. but it does. i guess the only way out is to just ride it out and find comfort in the knowledge that this, too, will pass

and in the meanwhile... you have my phone number :)

sacredeastwind said...

I love you :)

solitary reaper said...

“Our strength grows out of our weakness” … patience is the antidote: nothing can stay forever with u; sadness or happiness. Just divert ur attention from the morose- attitude towards it; smile is just accessible, for, it’s in u. shantaram is the best choice u made now, especially now.
Lov u maaaaa.

sacredeastwind said...

love you too ch'mma. your words always mean a lot to me, they're embalming! XO