You can be superman my son!

Clark Kent enters the elevator and presses the button for the floor below but as soon as the elevator door closes Clark starts taking his clothes off. Yes, we all know who he is! He is our very own superman. Who will fly out of the elevator into the sky, above the Manhattans skyline, and over the north atlantic ocean and meanwhile realize what is happening and turn around to save the …

Over the course of the film the words that resound every 5 minutes inside the screen as well as in my head are – Why the world does not need Superman! And this voice in my head, not my own keeps asking me – is that true?

I pacify it by saying we will talk about this later. Well, now is the time to ask these questions again.

If we really could have a superman … Why shouldn’t we have one? Would it be so bad? Of course not! Superman could bring an end to each and every crime taking place on the streets of Manhattan. He could save Lois Lane every time she lands up in trouble and while he is at that he could save some other people as well.

Although, it would be nice if Superman on his daily rounds takes a look at some other countries as well that need lets say, a bit of ‘tweaking’? If he is ever flying over Somalia he could probably drop of a large consignment of food. I am more than positive he is capable of that because I have seen him lift and throw this whole island, which arose out of crystal into outer space. I admit he landed in the hospital after that but this would not be the case with the food, as food does not contain Kryptonite. If he is ever passing over the White House he could quietly pick up Bush and subsequently his whole senate and throw them onto this island, the kinds on which Rex gets stuck. If all goes well he will ensure that there is only one party left in the United States after that and the States will become a one party democracy. Why not? Aritiria runs the same way and the people there are still extremely nice and hospitable. The States can follow that example. After that Superman could perhaps go to Iraq and take all the bullets in his chest and not die, thus scaring militants and army forces alike who will flee the country and Iraq will be able to start afresh. After doing all this may be Superman could fly to India for a little while and give me an interview to release along with this article so I could be rich for a little while. Whilst his sojourn in India he could also beat some sense into the Politicians and Police alike to remind them of their duties.

May be not.

Is larger than life cinema healthy for us? Is it worthwhile? Am I asking the wrong questions? Perhaps yes.

I cannot blame the cinema. Its not unhealthy for us. It gives wings to our sometimes decrepit imaginations and helps us fly so high into the wonder worlds of our imagination … making us capable of Super-human deeds … making us capable of rising above ourselves … of looking at the world differently … of hoping the Superman within us can save Somalia or Sahara or a baby Zahara.

Yet is it all right for a tiny young mind to see all this when he/she is still too young to decipher what he is and what he isn’t capable of?

Am I not supposed to be aroused with concern when I see all the toddlers trying to fly off into the sky whilst they walk out of the theatre exit holding their parent’s fingers? Is viewer discretion being paid heed to? Are the Universal/ PA/ Adult /Over 12/ Over 15/ Over 18 ratings being overlooked?

How extremely foolish of me! We do not have that kind of a rating system in our country. Why? I do not have an answer to that. However, I wish to ignite this debate. If we are aping everything of the west then why not the rating system? If we have the multiplexes then why not the rating system? If the censor board is willing to pass Swimming Pool and Da Vinci Code and others like them, then why not the rating system? If Bollywood is being very forward then why not the rating system? If each Bollywood film is decreed to have one or more item numbers then why not the rating system?

But then again, if the censor board as every other board in India is sleeping over this, are the parents as well? Or do they take the toddlers, the children to witness these adult behavioral displays for lack of a babysitter. May be that is the answer. If it is then what is the solution to this?

Do parents need to be given tutorials, “How not to mess up your child”? Does the censor board need to be instigated into creating a more appropriate rating system and arrange means for it to be strictly put into operation? Will Bollywood, the distributors and the theatre owners listen to their conscience and be with this decision whenever it is taken – 20 or 200 years down the line?

I wait for my answers … ever so eagerly …

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