Cinema - Life Like ???

If you imagined life to be like cinema, life would seem much simpler.
Life is like some cinema or some cinema is life like. I may not have seen much but what I have … has moved me enough.

The past five minutes of the cinema in front of this computer screen have been something like this… (The sound of the projector running is distinct and the print is old … the negatives have blemishes) but it is still beautiful … you only have to have eyes to see.

I pick up my empty bag of crisps, dust my hands, wipe them with my old tattered sky blue t-shirt, throw the empty bag in the bin that I open by pressing the peddle. The lid drops with a slight musical trampoline like thud. I walk to the refrigerator from my room, I take out a bottle of cold water, and drink half of it in one go (glug glug glug). Then I walk into the kitchen, fill up that half empty bottle of water and keep it back in the refrigerator. I close the refrigerator and reluctantly walk to the bed and fall flat. I am sick. Love sick. I haven’t been out of the house in three weeks. I sit at home all day, eat more than my fair share and drink myself to sleep each night. I am in love with someone who is dead.

close to reality ... yet not quite there. at least it sounds close to it.

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