you and me

i can be sneaky when i want to be,
go into the hidden crevices to find
what you have been doing with yourself
who you've been seeing and talking to
and, even though i know it so
that you don't love me no more
i can't help but feel envious of the girl
you seem to so openly be crushing on

its been all of ten days since the split
you seem on your way out from recovery too
while i'm still stuck here in pre-op
moaning and feeling handicapped
in my wheelchair where you left me
wounded, bruised, beyond repair

that's what everyone always says
when they break from someone, something
you'll be fine too, you will
your life will go on and
you will wake up, and face the sunrise

i agree
and soon, i will

but for now
can I just walk the street that i've walked since birth
as if i've never been there before
can i shut out everyone and everything
and not be judged and thought of as weak
can i please imagine that it'd be easier
to have been hit by a car coming from behind me
and my blood splattered all across its wind-shield
than to have had my heart broken by you,
you who loved me so,
who's life i was
who was so lucky to have found someone like me
who was a better man because of me.



Anonymous said...

nothing and no one is forever..

ShadowKing said...

Am so sorry to hear this if its true and not just a poem...
Am a bit confused too... You wrote 'This Dance' and then 'The Sun' ... and then this... ?
Is everything ok ? Do take care ....

sacredeastwind said...

Its true but I am more than all right :) just a little bit of drama, that's all ;) :D How you been?

ShadowKing said...

You should be given "THE Drama Queen" Award ! :) Lolz

Here's one from my side :

/ \
{ \ / }
\ /
\ /
[ ]

Hope you like your 'award' (Do ignore that i'm bad at making 'text art'.. ;)

Anyways... Glad to hear you are alright. Do take Care.. (Btw, I'm saying this again since I have been told that when girlies say they are 'alright'/'fine', they are usually not so... Ahem Ahem.. ;) )

I have been fine (Seriously ;).. Over-worked as usual. Earlier there were two projects that I needed to complete, now there three ... :P

sacredeastwind said...

OMG! Wow! I'm touched, honoured, I don't know what to say *sniffles*... I would like to thank my mother, the drama queen-bee, for passing on this talent to me...

She will kill me if she finds out I said this on a public portal.

You are good at text art, what you talking about?

Good luck with work and catch you on chat sometime - are we on gtalk???

And, yes, I am seriously fine :D

ShadowKing said...

Haa Haa ! She sure will...Though I'm sure she is a very sweet person ! :)
And I think this 'talent' is what you have 'developed' by yourself !
(Btw, Will she really kill you ? Whats her e-mail add ? Temme temme... I wanna send her a link.. ;) .. heee heee hee hee)

And yeah we should be on G-Talk, if you have accepted my request to add you.. :P

Lemme know what time u usually log on.. I'll try and match that...

sacredeastwind said...

Fortunately, she is never really uses email :P

You're on my gtalk list, am online all day usually, whilst at work.

Cheers! Talk soon.

Anonymous said...

Ce post m'a beaucoup aide dans mon positionnement. Merci pour ces informations

sacredeastwind said...

That's great. But how was it of help?

@vi said...

Life turns and moves like a river
not like a simple water loop;
we can't decide our destiny
bcs he is there to decide whether we will move further or come back through another route.

Heart touching poem :(

sacredeastwind said...

:) you write well too, vi!

@vi said...

Thanks, i liked your poems that's why i have become one of your follower on twitter by the name of creativ_genius,writing poem is also one of my hobby.
By the way that's @vi not vi....just as friend i am telling you.

sacredeastwind said...

Following back now :) I like 'vi' :P