Our Twilight

Did you ever think it strange,
how we met at dawn one day,
we were lovers for the entirety of a day,
and then by nightfall we went our own ways.

You poured your charm over my heart,
I sang a song - beautiful, to win yours,
The day slipped like sand through our fingers,
By twilight we were like lovers of years.

Its that twilight that I remember most,
and I twist and turn in my bed almost,
feeling the touch of that twilight,
of you, of our love, one day, years ago.

Sometimes I make friends with misery,
caged in the twilight of you and me!
and I begin to feel the blood in my veins,
become ripe with the intoxicant of our day.

Lift me out o'harm's way,
out of the twilight of our day,
where I've been stuck for years,
help me leave,
so I can find myself all over again

1 comment:

Jayanthi said...

bathed in twilight u must find urself; shacklin off, u r ignorin ur shinin side...

changin seasons mak u shine further;helps u suit to the varyin climate, mm??

a polished pebble, mm??