Seeking answers?

There are some questions that I seek answers to and some others that my soul yearns for that they be answered. They well up inside me until they come out in a surge and flow out into this colossal universe and get washed away by infinite others.

If God sees us humans destroying our very home, destroying each other and everything that is around us or comes in our way, why doesn’t he stop us?

Does he try but we just never listen?

Is it wrong to think about what I am going to have for breakfast whilst I read about people plagued by flood, homeless, foodless, clothe-less, lifeless?

Is it wrong to eat popcorn with coke vegetating in front of the television whilst a little child cleans my house?

Is it ok to not give the beggar seeking alms at the traffic signal any money because you have heard stories how some of them just use that money to buy drugs or the money that some of them make eventually goes to their agents (dalals)?

Is it right to sit in a plush eatery with a glass of wine, another of Perrier, a platter of chicken tikka, a pack of rich cigarettes and claim to want to benefit the world?

Is it correct to meet 40 somethings in their classroom being taught about the need to wash their hands after having been to the toilet and washed their excreta with their very hands; feel something for them for a bit and then forget about them?

Is it ok to meet whole families living in dump yards, stepping on the shit piled up on their porch, watch them consume whole meals amongst the garbage, the shit; throw up in a corner further dirtying their home, come back to your own home which is spick and span and forget about those families?

Is it all right to be a part of a gang war in a ravished slum cluster where no one remembers the reason why the gang war started; take pictures by bribing the underdog, come back home and use those photographs for your material benefit and forget about the people of the cluster who are miserably stuck in a life they didn’t sign up for?

Is it justified to meet hair collectors (people who go from house to house in slums et al and collect the hair that have fallen off people’s head whilst combing their hair), befriend them so you can film them, take pictures with them and then leave, using those pictures for your benefit, whilst never looking back at those people who you had befriended?

Is it all right to curse whilst driving, every car that overtakes you and wish that the driver ends up in an accident when they could actually be in a need to get somewhere urgently, like or unlike yourself?

Is it ok to hate the person sitting next to you in a movie theatre because he/she is getting emotional about a scene from the film?

Is it ok to have so much vengeance, so much hatred for this world at times that you could curse the whole world, wish it would all be destroyed?

Is is ok to wish death upon ones like you around you?

Is it ok to bare your soul?

Is it ok to not bare your soul?

Is it ok to watch the film about James Nachtwey, cry one minute, be moved when he says that “war photography is in a way an antidote to war” and think about your next meal before the film ends?

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